April Blog

WOW… we are 4 months into this year! Where does the time go?

This blog is all about the positives and how we, as a company, can help you and all our customers get through this period in the most productive way possible! We turn all negatives into positives here at NoodleNow! and E-Learning is what we do best.

Together, we can continue to achieve great things.

So, no matter where you may be in the world, we are all one big family and you can access all our courses 24/7, along with access to our help and advice along the way, 24/7. So, if you haven’t already, let’s make use of all there is and take the time to learn, refresh, rethink and relearn. We have over 85 CPD Accredited and Certified courses available with a new one added FREE every month. WOW!

You may even have added a family member to join you on your learning journey!
Let us know if you have… just like this cute little one in this picture.

You see, that’s the beauty of NoodleNow!, you have access to your own admin section, so you can save your work at any time and come back to it at a time that suits you. This maybe when your child is having a nap, or that hour of your time before bed. Whatever the time, the choice is yours, you are in control and can work your training around your daily life.

As usual, we continue to provide exceptional service.

As many of you are now choosing to train at home, we look forward to hearing from you, if you need our help.

Simply call us and we will be here, we are here to help you 24/7, as usual and as promised!

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From all the team at NoodleNow!

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