Data Protection – The Reforms

The Data Protection Act requires businesses to keep personal data secure, otherwise, there can be severe penalties. This course provides an overview of the eight essential principles of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the significance of adhering to them within the workplace. The course ensures that policies are clearly understood, so that personal data remains safe and secure, through the use of best practices.

We maintain the validity of our courses, including changes to legislation, policies and procedures, by ensuring the training material is up to date.

Individual Course
£20.00 + VAT

The Training

On completing the course, learners will:

  • Be completely aware of the eight principles of the Act and how they relate to the workplace
  • Be able to describe how these principles apply to their work roles
  • Understand the key components and definitions of The Data Protection Act 1988
  • Appreciate the key concerns for data protection relating to different sectors
  • Understand how data protection matters are enforced, and the consequences of a data breach
  • Be able to demonstrate that they have the appropriate data protection training

Final Test

Once you have completed the online training, you will be able to take the final test.

  • There are 20 questions
  • The pass rate is 80%
  • You can take the test as many times as you need.

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Approximately two hours for the entire course. You can claim two CPD hours towards your professional development.

This course is certificated on its completion. The length of time you take is entirely dependent on how quickly you can study and absorb the information. Remember, it’s important to learn the content and not to rush through the course. Please do take notes during these courses.


This course has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development Guidelines. On successful completion you can download and print your certificates from the learner management system.