Food Standards, Safety and Hygiene

We understand that food providers and retailers can meet with challenges in achieving a high rating with the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme for England, Wales and Northern Ireland or the Food Hygiene Information Scheme for Scotland. In addition, Food Safety and Hygiene is an imperative part in ensuring the safety of the consumer, which requires everyone from front of house, kitchen staff and cleaners to be trained.

However, issues may come about for several reasons not relating to the quality of food, but rather an assessor having no confidence in the management or employee’s maintaining good practices and procedures, which may result in food contamination, and therefore a potential risk for consumers.

How can we support you?

Our eLearning course bundle aims to provide cost effective training and support your business in achieving and maintaining a higher food hygiene rating. Our approach provides an easy solution to administer training and bring peace of mind that your employees are achieving continuous professional development, and enhancing the level of your service, safety and expectations of your customers.

This course bundle includes:

  • HACCP Training Course Level 2
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2
  • Kitchen and Catering Practices
  • Food Premises Cleaning
  • Food Allergy Awareness

Bundle Price: £50.00 per user – That’s not ALL!

Plus for every 4 registered learners, you can have 1 more registered free of charge.

How does it work?

Our courses can be taken using PC, smartphone or tablet devices, by simply registering for our Food Standards, Safety and Hygiene bundle, whereby learner register onto your training academy by using a redeem code we provide. Learners carry out courses in their own time and on completion of each course they can instantly download a CPD certificate, whereby you are notified. They can take a course as many times as required to pass the final assessment, and refresh on course literature and updates for a 12 months period.

Food standards training certificate

To recognise you are working to ensure that employees are trained, efficient and compliant; we present a Food Standards, Safety and Hygiene academy training certificate, which you can display within your premises. This will give more reassurance to your customers and food standards officials, you are continuously working to maintain a high standard and good food safety and hygiene practices.

Will my local authority accept these ‘online courses?’

Yes – These courses have been approved by Environmental Health Officers and Continuous Professional Development Guidelines (CPD).

Disclaimer: The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in England, Northern Ireland and Wales or the Food Hygiene Information Scheme in Scotland does not endorse our training courses.  We are providing compliant training material and cost effective training service to ensure your employees are compliant in good food safety and hygiene and health and safety practices.

We provide no guarantee that our course material will enable your business to achieve a higher food hygiene rating. Our courses have been independently audited and approved by Environmental Health Officers: the content having been reviewed to ensure it contains the essential information to achieve the level of training specified. The food hygiene rating or inspection result given to a business reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection or visit by the local authority. The food hygiene rating is not a guide to food quality.

What is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme?

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme helps consumers to choose where to eat out or shop for food by informing how seriously the business takes their food hygiene standards. The scheme is run by local authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and applies to restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, hotels, supermarkets and other food shops.

Each business is given their hygiene rating when it is inspected by a food safety officer from the business’s local authority. The food safety officer inspecting the business checks how well the business is meeting the law by looking at:

  • how hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored
  • the condition of the structure of the buildings – the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
  • how the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe

At the end of the inspection, the business is given one of the six ratings from 0-5. The top rating of ‘5’ means that the business was found to have ‘very good’ hygiene standards. Any business should be able to reach this top rating.

What is a food incident?

An incident is when there are concerns about actual or suspected threats to the safety or the quality of food or feed, including when food or feed does not meet legal requirements. These outcomes and others in poor practice and procedures will result in a low rating or notice for improvement to be carried out.

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How can you prevent an incident happening?

All businesses, irrespective of size, should be taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that the produce they supply meets safety requirements. While the precautions small businesses take may not be as extensive as those taken by a larger business, even small businesses, at all stages of the food or feed chain, must take reasonable precautions to ensure that their produce meets food or feed safety requirements.

Actions you can take may include the following.

  1. Use trusted sources of raw materials and ingredients
  2. Utilise assurance schemes
  3. Utilise food safety management standards
  4. Implement food safety management systems
  5. Gain local authority help
  6. Train employees to be compliant and aware of the risks!

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