Staff Mental Health

Our Staff Mental Health course helps managers and staff understand the importance of good mental health and provides information on common mental health problems. It explores possible signs and symptoms and outlines a variety of strategies to support mental well-being in the work environment.

Individual Course
£15.00 + VAT

The Training

By the end of this course, learners should understand:

  • define mental health and well-being 
  • understand the importance of their own mental health and the mental health and well-being of others in the workplace 
  • understand possible signs of mental health problems 
  • describe the symptoms of common mental health problems; depression, anxiety, grief, stress, anger 
  • appreciate the need to understand and support staff mental health, as a practitioner, manager or owner 
  • understand a variety of ideas and strategies available in promoting and supporting good mental health in the workplace 
  • understand the importance of Staff Mental Health Policies in creating a culture of workplace openness to mental health 

Final Test

Once you have completed the online training, you will be able to take the final test.

  • There are 10 questions.
  • The pass rate is 80%.
  • You can take the test as many times as you need.

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The entire course and test should take approximately one hour. You can claim 1 CPD hour towards your professional development. 

This course is certificated on completion. The length of time you take is entirely dependent on how quickly you can study and absorb the information. Remember, it’s important to learn the content and not to rush through the course. Please do take notes during these courses. 


This course has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development Guidelines. On successful completion, you can download or print your certificates from the learner management system.